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who we are

Hi there! I'm Brandy, owner of Core Juice Co., a cold pressed juice & smoothie bar offering fresh and healthy items for those on the go!

I created Core Juice with a goal to share my love of juicing and healthy eating with the Lakeland and beyond! We source top quality ingredients and choose organic whenever possible so we can fuel our bodies with nature's own! What better way to heal than from the core?


what is cold press?

Our no bs cold press...


Cold pressed juicing extracts juice from fruits and vegetables without producing any heat, keeping all nutrients and enzymes intact!


And to top it off, our juices are NEVER pasteurized. Most store bought juices are - meaning they kill any good bacteria and enzymes that our bodies desperately need!


Each recipe is packed FULL of veggies with NO SUGAR added and just enough fruit to keep it deeeelicious! Keep in mind, our juices have a 3-5 day shelf life, as the nutrients begin to break down. But I think we can all agree that FRESH IS BEST, right?!

healing from the core

Juicing removes insoluble fiber which allows increased absorption of certain phytonutrients and enzymes that are sometimes inaccessible due to the high fiber content in your regular diet! In just a few glasses, you can meet and even EXCEED your daily recommended intake of vitamins and minerals!


The abundance of nutrients provides your body with a high amount of GOOD bacteria which supercharges the immune system allowing it to be able to deal with all the bad bacteria we are exposed to on a daily basis. Oh, AND raw fruits and vegetables have been proven to inhibit depression and reduce stress! Fuel your body, mind & soul!

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