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meet the core juice girls


Say hello to the wonderful Juanita!

Not only did this woman bring the beautiful Brandy into the world, she also helps on the Core Juice front lines... prepping, juicing, delivering, and even helps babysit the kiddos when times get hectic!

She is not only the best mom to Brandy, but she is one of Core Juice's biggest fans and supporters!

Juanita's fave core product: the CORE COFFEE - she's the most obsessed out of all of us... ;)




Let us introduce a VERY special lady to the Core Juice team... everyone, meet Keelie!

Daughter of shop owner Brandy, Keelie lives and breathes Core Juice (literally) whether at home or at the store! She’s been helping her mama behind the scenes for quite some time, but has now officially joined the Core team! YAY!

Keelie picks up shifts between school and exams. You can also find her on the volleyball court during her free time. She loves to spend time with friends or babysit (having 4 brothers & 1 sister must have been what made her a pro with the littles)!Like mother, like daughter…

Keelie's fave Core product: a classic Core Coffee!


Meet Chantel! One of our full time girls here at Core! She’s such a sweetheart and her official introduction has been long here’s a little more about Chantel:

Born and raised in Bonnyville, Chantel started training to become a competitive gymnast at the age of two! So, having that healthy diet and lifestyle that we strive for is nothing new for this girl! This year, she planned on going to school for hair at MC College in Edmonton, but when the pandemic hit she decided to hold off until next year to get the real, in-person hair experience! Chantel, we are SO glad you did as Core would not have been the same without you!

Stop by and see her behind the counter!

Chantel’s fav Core product: the Banana Split Smoothie!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀




Everyone meet Jordyn! This amazing lady is not only a hard working 12th grade student and young entrepreneur - she also has been a member of Core Juice since August, and we are so so lucky to have her join the team!

Jordyn is off to University of Alberta next year to study in Environmental and Conservation Sciences - following in her father's footsteps who works as a Wildlife Officer here in town. Jordyn’s other passion is her love of sewing. She recently started Jo’s Quilts in which she hand sews recycled material to make beautiful environmentally friendly quilts. Her passions go hand in hand with our values here at Core!! Make sure to show her some love and check out her instagram page - @jos.quilts

If you haven’t met this lovely lady yet, pop by, say hi and get her to whip you up something fresh!

Jordyn’s fave Core product: our Red Juice!

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